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1 Million Dollar World Contest – XM

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  • .1. The Contest will commence on 1 June 2016 and consists of ten (10) rounds (“Qualifying Rounds”) followed by one (1) Semi-Final Round. Subject to clause 2.2, the rounds are carried out as per below schedule:
    • • One (1) Qualifying Round carried out per month:
      o Starting time: first Wednesday of each month at 12:00 (GMT+2 or GMT+3)
      o Ending time: first Wednesday of the following month at 11:00 (GMT+2 or GMT+3), before the commencement of the new round
    • • One (1) Semi-Final Round with a duration of 1 week:
      o Starting time: 19 April 2017 12:00 (GMT+2)
      o Ending time: 26 April 2017 12:00 (GMT+2)
    • • One (1) Final Round with a duration of 36 Hours:
      o Starting time: 18th May 2017 08:00 (GMT+7 or GMT+8)
      o Ending time: 19th May 2017 20:00 (GMT+7 or GMT+8)
  • 2.2. Daylight Saving Time (“DST”) started on 27th March 2016 (GMT +3) and will end on 30th October 2016 (GMT +2).
  • 2.3. Each round starts and ends according to the above mentioned schedule and is subject to change. Any changes will be notified either via email to all affected parties or via our website.
  • 2.4. Trading activity performed in the context of the Contest is performed with virtual money denoted only in USD currency.
  • 2.5. Participation to the Contest is open for all clients of XM who have at least one validated XM trading account and is free of charge. Notwithstanding the latter, XM may, at its sole discretion and without any obligation to provide interested parties with any explanation and/or justification thereof, request an enrolment fee in the form of XM loyalty points (XMP). Such enrolment fee will be communicated to the interested parties prior to the submission of an application for participation to the Contest.
  • 2.6. Clients must be older than 18 years old and shall already have a validated real account registered with a valid email address and a unique nickname, in order to participate in the Contest.
  • 2.7. XM will specify the financial instruments available for trading in each round, as well as the leverage level for all participants.
  • 2.8. The Contest may require a minimum number of participants in order to begin, as from time to time may be specified by XM.
  • 2.9. Automated trading (i.e. via Expert Advisors or similar software) is prohibited.
  • 2.10. Each client agrees that by entering the Contest they express their free, prior and informed consent for XM to process any personal data which they provide while registering and/or participating in the competition. The data is collected and processed only to such extent, which is necessary to administer and run the Contest. XM shall disclose any data about participants only to the extent stipulated in these terms and conditions. Each participant has the right to withdraw their consent for processing of personal data at any time. However, such a withdrawal may at the discretion of XM result in the disruption, suspension or termination of the participant’s account.
  • 2.11. By accepting the Contest’s terms and conditions, the participants acknowledge the Risk Disclosure available on XM’s website here.


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