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$10 deposit + $100 Golden bonus – Primetime

Link – $10 deposit + $100 Golden bonus

$100 Golden Bonus Terms and Conditions
Participants of the $100 Golden Bonus Promo campaign shall open a
trading account with PrimeTime Finance and activate it by sending us
verification documents (Proof of identity, such as passport, national ID or
driver’s license and Proof of residency, such as utility bill or bank
statement). These documents should be scanned and uploaded through our
document submission system in My account – Regulation – Step 3 or sent
via email to compliance@primetime-finance.com with the name in the
subject line of the email. Existing clients who already verified their accounts
shall skip this step.
To enroll in the Promo campaign traders shall deposit minimum $10 US and
send us an email to
with the words $100
Golden bonus in the subject line.
Within 48 hours (except for Saturday and Sunday) following account
verification participants will be granted $100 bonus money that can be used
for participation in Golden bonus program.
All accounts are in USD currency only.
There is no limitation in the asset types or products that participants can
Only one bonus per household. Each client, household and IP address is
eligible only once for this offer. A client cannot register a second account
using a family member and apply for this offer.
Profits of up to 100% of the bonus amount given can be achieved through
trading only if a trading volume of x40 times has been reached
(40*$100=$4000) within 72 hours
from the moment we
credit your account
with the $100 bonus.


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