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100% Deposit Bonus – PaxForex


Terms & Conditions of 100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus

  1. Every client that makes a deposit more than $1200 is eligible to request 100% deposit bonus.
  2. By requesting Deposit bonus, you acknowledge that you have read, and agreed to be bound by, these terms and conditions as well as to the PaxForex Trading Terms and Conditions.
  3. The Forex Deposit Bonus is provided upon clients’ request after funds have been deposited and before making any trades.
  4. Total Deposit Bonus amount is equal to the Net Client Deposit.
  5. Net Client deposit is Deposit minus withdrawal.
  6. Total Deposit Bonus amount will be divided by 12 equals parts and granted every month.
  7. Bonus amount will be deposit on monthly basis equally during following 12 months with equal amounts every month till Total Deposit Amount wouldn’t be cleared/deposited/ ended.
  8. Monthly Bonus amount calculated as Total bonus amount divided by 12.
  9. To receive monthly deposit bonus client have to complete following conditions:
  • 31 day passed after previous granted bonus
  • Trade necessary number of lots. Monthly bonus/10
  • Equity on trading account must be not less than planning deposit bonuses amount.
  • Net Deposit amount should be more than 0
  1. In case client got stop out, next monthly Deposit Bonus will be granted after clients deposit and without completion number of lots.
  2. Bonus on following deposits accumulates with previous monthly bonus amounts.
  3. The total Forex Deposit Bonus amount on one Forex account can’t exceed $10,000/EUR 9,000. Maximum Forex Deposit Bonus amount on all of the individual forex client’s accounts can’t be more than $30,000/EUR28,500
  4. Funds transfers between accounts are not considered as initial deposit.
  5. The bonus cannot be transfer between accounts
  6. The bonus amount is only for trading and cannot be withdraw.


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