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$100 No Deposit Bonus – CIBFX

Link – $100 No Deposit Bonus

Welcome Bonus $100 is a special welcome bonus, which is given to CIBfx clients, who have fulfilled the conditions of the program. Promotion period is from 01.03.2016.

CIBfx will advance $100 trading credits to each live trial account . The account type will be set as micro.

  1. The validity of a trial account is 30 days, starting from the registration day. The account will expire automatically if no deposit has been made to activate the account.
  2. Each client can receive this Bonus only once.
  3. The $100 in the trial account is advanced trading credits which is not allowed to be withdrawn. However, the client can withdraw earned profit in 30 days after the trial account activation.
  4. The $100 in the trial account is credits which is not allowed to be withdrawn.
  5. The profits can be withdrawn from the account if the total volume of closed transactions exceeds 800 micro lots (8 standard lots) for each bonus dollar, after deposit of minimum amount $100 made.
  6. Minimum withdrawal amount is $100 from the profits made.


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