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$100 No Deposit Bonus From KirikFX

$100 Forex No-Deposit Bonus Promotional Offer from KirikFX. This is limited $100 Forex No-Deposit Bonus Promotional offer it can closed at any time without intimation. Get $100 No-Deposit Bonus in your KirikFX account and start your forex trading career.

Web Link – $100 No Deposit Bonus

All Kirikfx clients receive:

  • Once you open a account with us, we will fund 100 usd into your trading account
  • You have to trade with only small lot that is 0.01
  • Withdrawal would be available only after 200 usd
  • If you trade more than that which is 0.01 at a time then you will be barred from this promotional offer & all your balance would remove at the same time.
  • This is limited promotional offer it can closed at any time without intimation
  • Minimum 10 trades has to be there in month
  • 1 Month will consider complete since the date of you get 100 USD account. Ex. You have started your 100 USD account on 10th of Oct so till next 9th November in your account minimum 10 trades has to be there as closing basis
  • If trading account remain 2 weeks idle then your barred from promotional offer


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