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100% XXXL Bonus – FXCL Forex

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We continue our tradition to grant bonuses for your trading accounts multiple times. Now you can receive the 100% XXXL Bonus for each of your deposits to your every live trading account. The most advantageous opportunity the bonus brings is that you may withdraw it at will regardless of completed lots’ number
The bonus may be active on several accounts simultaneously.
In case the bonus is requested to be transferred partly to the balance of the account, it will be proportionally added depending on the number of lots completed.
To have the bonus transferred to the balance of the account a client needs to complete at least 50% of the lots required for the full bonus transfer.
When transferring part of your bonus to the balance, the remaining part of the credit will be annulled.
There is no lower limit on your withdrawn amount. Bonus limit per trader is $2,000.
Rebates and bonuses general rules and conditions apply.
* Please make sure to make a deposit before you send your bonus request.


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