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1000 $ No Deposit Bonus "Test Drive" – FRESH FOREX


Detailed terms of the promotion:

    1. Period of the promotion: from October 15 through November 8, 2015.
    2. The promotion is only valid for new clients of the company registered in the period of the promotion.
    3. To take part in the promotion, you are required to:
      1. Register in FreshForex company through special link   and open Classic,  Market Pro or ECN trading account (except for Master accounts);
      2. Verify personal details in the Personal area (as the number of participants is big, it may take up to 3 business days to verify data).
    4. Once a client meets all above-listed requirements, the amount   1 000 USD / 70 000 RUB / 900 EUR is added to a trading account, the amount is displayed in “Credit” column and not available for withdrawal.
    5. Bonus amount is not provided if:
      1. If Client already has funded account in the company;
      2. If Client already has bonus amount under current promotion.
    6. All trading terms  (type of execution, credit leverage, spreads, swaps etc) are based on the terms provided for selected type of account with the following exceptions:
      1. Highest available leverage: 1:500 ;
      2. Maximum volume of one position: 0.10 of a lot;
      3. Maximum number of simultaneously opened trades: 1.

The above-listed restrictions are no longer valid for funded accounts.

  1. You can use provided funds of the company for 7 days as maximum, during these days a client can settle a received profit by depositing to an account.
  2. Once account is funded, the profit is fixed based on the below order:
    1. All open trades (if there are any) are closed;
    2. All pending orders (if there are any) are canceled;
    3. Funds of the company are written off from “Credit” column;
    4. The profit fixed on the account is transferred to “Credit” column but it cannot be more than client’s deposit;
  3. The profit fixed on the account  under the promotion is available for trading and withstands margin under drawdown in a full volume.
  4. On condition that from the moment of deposit by November 29, 2015 you meet the below listed requirements on volume, you can withdraw the profit fixed under the promotion:
    1. 1 closed lot for 2 USD / 140 RUB / 1.8 EUR of profit on Classic account;
    2. 1 closed lot for 1 USD / 70 RUB / 0.9 EUR of profit on Market Pro and ECN accounts.

    To transfer profit into balance, you need to fully meet the above-listed terms and contact client support. A partial transfer of profit into balance is not allowed.

  5. The profit settled on the account  under the promotion is deducted when:
    1. Any amount is withdrawn including internal transfer;
    2. When balance is negative and there are no open trades;
    3. When   the promotion is deactivated for client;
    4. After 30 days from the moment of transferring profit into the “Credit” column.
  6. When there is no deposit within 7 calendar days:
    1. All open trades (if there are any) are closed;
    2. All pending orders (if there are any) are canceled ;
    3. Funds of the company are written off from “Credit” column;
    4. The profit/loss fixed on the account is   canceled.
  7. Clients who participate in this promotion cannot use other bonuses and promotions provided by Company. Further Client can transfer his  funds to other accounts opened in the Personal area to benefit from Company’s offers.
  8. Company pays partner’s commission only based on the volumes made by clients after funding of an account. Besides, commission may be decreased pro rata to the client’s own funds for the accountable month.
  9. To prevent fraudulent actions and abuse with the terms of the promo,  Company reserves the right at any moment: to debit bonus amount, reject granting bonus or paying out the profit earned with the help of bonus amount, provided that a prior notification is not given.
  10.  Any controversial situation either any situation that is not provided by the present terms will be settled by Company with the account of interest of all involved parties. The final decision is in sole competence of Company.
  11. Company reserves the right to change conditions and duration of the promotion plan.


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