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1000 USD No deposit bonus

Link – 1000 USD Link

Conditions –

The period of trading is 14 days – it means, 10 of them are trading days – because on the week-ends markets don’t work.

Leverage you’ll be trading with is 1:10

You’ll start trading with is $1000, and daily drawdown is not higher than 2% from this depot – when you reach a drawdown 1.9%, you should stop trading for the day. Max possible drawdown is 4% from the depot – it means, that if you trade two days in a row with 2% drawdown, you fail..
And about profit target – it’s 10% from the starting deposit – $100
What else is VERY important is that you should ALWAYS use stop loss in every order
Following these rules you’ll get through the competition and will get a real $1000 account


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