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200% Bonus On Every Deposit – LiteForex

Link – 200% Bonus On Every Deposit


  • The promo-code for participation: BonusGo
  • The following types of account are eligible for the “Bonus GO 200%” promotion: MT4 CENT, MT4 CLASSIC.
  • A bonus of 200% is credited for any deposit of $100 or more.
  • In order to receive the bonus, the client shall use the promo-code (see p.1) at the second stage when making a deposit. The bonus will be credited to the trading account as soon as the deposit is made.
  • Any client may claim the bonus any number of times.
  • One and the same account may not contain any other bonuses different from the Bonus Go.


  • When a client requests the Bonus Go for an account granted with other types of bonus, all previous bonuses shall be cancelled.
  • Any other bonus credited to an account granted with the Bonus Go shall be transformed into the Bonus Go with the application of these provisions.


  • The accounts participating in the Pips Back promotion and ECN accounts may not participate in this promotion.
  • If the Client applies the Bonus Go promo code to an account participating in the Pips Back promotion, spreads will no longer be rebated once the bonus has been paid.
  • The bonus will not be credited for transfers between the client’s trading accounts.
  • The bonus is considered to be the company’s assets and is provided to the client for trading until the client complies with the bonus conditions and transfers the bonus to the account equity.
  • The deposit granted with the bonus cannot be withdrawn until the bonus has been cancelled by the client or transferred to the account equity (refer to p.19 and further)
  • The assets available in a trading account granted with the bonus, including profits made from trading operations, are divided into “equity” (client’s own funds) and “the company’s funds” until the bonus is transferred to the account equity.
    • The client’s equity ratio is calculated as follows: Client’s equity / total funds.
    • The equity ratio is recalculated after any trading operation (opening/closing of a trade) or balance operation (withdrawal/deposit) takes place, and after any of the bonuses is cancelled or transferred to the account equity
  • Both equity and bonus funds may be used for trading without any limits. Bonus funds are “drawdown-proof”: they will not be deducted from the account if the client’s equity falls below the level of bonus funds until Stop Out occurs.
    • In case a drawdown takes place in the trading account, the client’s both equity and bonus funds are affected based on the equity ratio.
    • The amount of profits made in the account is shared between the client’s equity and bonus funds based on the current equity ratio.
  • When the client withdraws funds from the account, a withdrawal amount is deducted from the client’s equity, except for the deposit amount granted with the bonus (refer to p.14)



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