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40% Personal Deposit Bonus – Grand Capital

40% bonus for each deposit! No limit to the amount. Probably the best bonus for traders! – All profit received from trading the bonus funds is freely withdrawable. – In time the bonus funds pass into the client’s ownership at the rate of: $3 per 1 lot. 

Link – 40% bonus for each deposit

  • The promotion is valid indefinitely.
  • Only verified users can participate in the promotion. For verification, you should download the scan of your passport to Private Office. You should also verify your mobile number. The organizer reserves the right to require additional documents for identification.
  • Types of accounts involved in the promotion: Standard, Swap Free, Investor, Master.
  • Your account’s leverage can’t exceed 1:100.
  • To receive the bonus, you should register an account and submit a request in the Private Office during the term of the promotion.
  • The bonus is available after each deposit. At that you should have at your account funds equal deposit or more than 50% of the deposit (if the application for the bonus and the deposit made at different times).
  • There isn’t taken into account as a deposit:
  • deposit before the promotion starts;
  • transfer funds to the account participating in the promotion with other your accounts;
  • -any bonuses and compensation provided by the company;
  • return operation to the account as a result of the abolition of withdrawal requests.


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