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25% Deposit Bonus Promotion – Atiora


Terms & Conditions For 25% Bonus Promotion
Accounts with deposit from 50 USD are entitled to receive 25% BONUS.
The max bonus will be 1000 USD.
Terms and Conditions
1. By receiving 25% Bonus client accepts T&C of this promotion.
2. Bonus 25% will be expired and nullified from the client’s MT4 account
after 30 days from being added to this account. In case if the client’s
balance/equity after 1 month from being added to his/her Bonus Account is
less than the initial 25% Bonus amount credited to his account, the
remaining balance will be nullified from his/her trading balance. (The Bonus
Account balance cannot be in negative).
3. The amount of the 25% Bonus added to the clients account is included in
the client’s trading margin.
4. The 25% Bonus Promotion is applicable to new and existing ATIORA



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