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$30 No Deposit Bonus – JCMFX

Link – $30 No Deposit Bonus

  1. Apply bonus via Email upon opening of trading account
  2. Earnings can be withdraw
  3. One time bonus promo for new clients
  4. Only for new clients

Terms and Conditions

  1. New Live Standard Account holders only.
  2. To take part in this promotion clients must confirm his or her decision by email to accounting@jcmfx.com. Clients must not participating in any other promotion with JCMFX and accept all terms for this promotion.
  3. Maximum Leverage of Accounts participating in this promotion is 1:100
  4. Clients do not have to deposit for this bonus.
  5. These Terms will be effective with respect to the new Clients which have verified their accounts.
  6. Once client is verified the Client will receive $30 No Deposit Bonus.


Scenario A

Client ‘A’ makes no deposit ▶ Client ‘A’ will receive credit $30 (i.e. $30) as $30 No Deposit Bonus

This bonus will reflect on Client’s account as follows:

Balance Equity Credit (Available Bonus) Available (Free) Margin
$0 $30 $0 $30
  1. JCMFX reserves the right to decline any $30 No Deposit Bonus request at its sole discretion, without the need to provide any justification or explaining the reasons for such a decline.
  2. Bonus shall be added to the the Client’s trading account as credit, The Bonus is intended for trading purposes and it can be lost.
  3. Profit made by investing the credited bonus may be withdrawn from the account without any delays.
  4. JCMFX shall not be liable for any margin call or losses that the Client may suffer, including but not limited to losses due to Stop-out Level, if the Bonus is withdrawn for any reason pursuant to the Terms and Conditions set out herein.
  5. JCMFX reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual that breaches the Offer Terms and/or any of JCMFX Terms and Policies.
  6. Any indication of manipulation or other forms of deceitful or fraudulent activity in any Client trading account or otherwise related or connected to a Bonus Credit will nullify all of that Client Bonuses.
  7. Any dispute, misinterpretation of the above applicable Terms and Conditions or situation arise and not covered by this Offer Terms and Conditions, such disputes or misinterpretation will be resolved by JCMFX in the manner it deems to be the fairest to all concerned. That decision shall be final and/or binding on all entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.
  8. JCMFX reserves the right, as it in its sole discretion deems fit, to alter, amend, suspend, cancel or terminate the Offer, or any aspect of the Offer, at any time by giving you notice by internal mail via our Online Trading System, or by email or by placing a notice on our Website. We will endeavour to provide you with at least three (3) Business Days notice of such amendments unless it is otherwise impractical for us to do so.
  9. The Client shall be treated as accepting the change unless the Client informs the Company that the Client does not accept the changes and wishes to cancel the offer. The Client shall not have to pay any charges as a result of terminating in this case, other than costs due and payable for Services offered until then. Under no circumstances shall JCMFX be liable for any consequences of any alteration, amendment, suspension, cancelation or termination of the Promotion.


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