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30% Rescue Bonus – FinProTrading

Link – 30% Rescue Bonus Program

A special 30% Rescue Forex Bonus is designed for the traders of FinProTrading. The bonus is applied to every deposit made into live account within the promotional period. It’s a Bonus that increase the leverages and same time protects your account at the critical be amended of drawdown. Open a live trading account to trade Forex and other available Instrument with Forex 30% Tradable Bonus.


  • Increase Account Leverage
  • Leverage of underlying account prevails
  • Applies to deposit over USD 50
  • Protects from period of drawdown
  • Neither Withdraw-able nor Losable


The 30% rescue bonus program is designed for the traders who want to protect thier accounts from period of draw-downs. This bonus cannot be lost and used as an additional margin. Our 30% rescue bonus program will be available for limited time only


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