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30% To 250% Deposit Bonus – InstaForex

Link – 30% Deposit Bonus Campaign

Link – 250% Deposit Bonus

Link – $5000 No Deposit Bonus

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Link – $500 No Deposit Bonus

InstaForex is glad to offer you a great opportunity to boost your deposit with no efforts and additional costs! 250% Bonus is available to clients, who had not had accounts with InstaForex before. The bonus can be deposited to Standard USD accounts that were opened after June 15, 2013.

There are few steps in getting the biggest bonus of 250%!


  • Every Client of the company has a right to receive a bonus equaling 250% of first deposit. The bonus is credited once to the account with no other bonuses.
  • If one already has accounts opened earlier to get the bonus, one is required to have lots on one of those accounts in the number equal to the bonus amount and to replenish the newly opened account. Checkminimal deposit.
  • The bonus is available only to completely verified accounts.
  • The Client agrees that the bonus will be canceled after any withdrawal from the trading account.
  • The 250% Bonus can be withdrawn only after buy or sell trades are completed. The total volume of the trades must be equal to X*3 InstaForex lots, where X is the sum of all the received bonuses (the total amount of all bonuses including canceled or partly lost bonuses). Only the full amount of bonuses can be withdrawn, partial withdrawal is impossible. In order to withdraw the bonus funds from a trading account, the Client shall send a request to [email protected] The amount of bonus should be fully available on the trading account when a manager considers the withdrawal request. The company reserves the right to decline the request for bonus withdrawal without explaining the reason.
  • The profit made over the bonus amount can be withdrawn without any restrictions in case all the conditions of the present Agreement are fulfilled.


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