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$50 For PepsiCo prediction – Grand Capital

Link – Predict The Price of PepsiCo

Predict the cost of PepsiCo shares and get $50!

This week we will learn how the past quarter went for Pepsi Company and will try to predict the quote of Pepsi shares how it will be on the 13th of October at 20:00 Terminal time.

We remind you that the price you need to predict is the price of the candlestick that opens at 8:00 PM (20:00) and closes at 8:59 PM (20:59) terminal time. The quotes will be taken from the Grand Capital trading terminal, 1H timeframe.

You can publish one comment a day, the comment must contain a number (e.g. 45,54). You can’t correct the comment once it’s been published. Your account must be among those, who have shared the post on their timeline to be considered. The contestant who gives the closest prediction will be proclaimed the winner. If two or more people give the same winning prognosis, the person who published the comment first will be considered the winner.

The comments won’t be accepted after 8 PM (20:00) GMT+3, 12th of October. The winner will be announced on Monday, 16th of October.

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