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50% Tradable Bonus – CopyFX

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1.1 Tradable bonus (hereinafter called the Bonus) is a deposit bonus, which can be received when the client deposits any sum of money to his account and can be used during “drawdown”.

1.2 The Client can choose the bonus amount, the maximum percentage of which depends on the deposited sum:

The deposited sum The bonus amount
up to 300 USD / 300 EUR / 2,000 CNY / 250 GOLD 25%
from 300 USD / 300 EUR / 2,000 CNY / 250 GOLD 50%

1.3 The Bonus can be received to MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 accounts of Fix and Pro types (ECN accounts do not participate in the program).

1.4 The Bonus can’t be received to the account, which already has other active deposit bonuses of other type.

1.5 The Bonus is transferred to the client’s account automatically when he deposits his trading account, provided that the client has chosen the Bonus when filling the depositing form.

1.6 The Bonus can only be received when the Client deposits his account via automatic depositing system in his Members Area. Other ways of depositing do not participate in the program.

1.7 The total amount of bonuses on a single account (depending on the account currency) is up to 3,000 USD / 2,700 EUR / 18,000 CNY / 2,500 GOLD.

1.8 The maximum amount of all active bonuses on all accounts (depending on the account currency) owned by the same client is up to 6,000 USD / 5,400 EUR / 36,000 CNY / 5,000 GOLD


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