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5000 $ Welcome Bonus – SVSFX


1. This special offer is only available to SVSFX Traders.

2. The Referring Trader will receive the bonus and reduction in the required trading volume when the New Account Holder has completed $5,000 in trading volume for every $1 of Referral Bonus, therefore deposits that are withdrawn immediately will not qualify as a new account for the purpose of this bonus. The Referral Bonus will be deposited directly into your trading account once your referral has completed the necessary volume.

3. The referrer can receive a maximum of $1,000 per new account holder and a total of $5,000.

4. This offer is valid only once for each Unique Referral. A Unique Referral is defined as a Trader who is currently NOT a SVSFX customer. Referrals who have accounts, or have had accounts with SVSFX in the past year, will not count as Unique Referrals.

5. SVSFX reserves the right to terminate all transactions related to this offer, at any time, without giving prior notice. Any Traders that hedge trades in a single account, or over multiple accounts, risk having all bonuses received cancelled.

6.This offer cannot be combined with any other offer, discount, rebate or bonus regarding referring new customers. By accepting this offer, you agree to forfeit any other promotion sponsored by SVSFX or any of its subsidiaries, partners or affiliates.

7. SVSFX will never share information about customers or their referrals.

8. SVSFX will only use the information provided on the referral form for the purpose of soliciting new business based on your recommendation.

9. SVSFX reserves the right to add referrals’ email addresses to its database for the purpose of sending marketing materials regarding the Forex industry and general financial information.

10. SVSFX will never sell customer information to anyone. All customers and referrals are governed by SVSFX’s general terms of service and website terms and conditions.


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