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Aron Groups Black Friday No Deposit Bonus

Aron Groups Black Friday No Deposit Bonus. All new traders are allowed to create a trading account without any initial deposit. After registration and creating a Black Friday Bonus account, Aron Groups Broker will fund your account with 10 U.S Dollars. You can now start trading and make.

Aron Groups Black Friday No Deposit Bonus
Web Link – Black Friday No Deposit Bonus
Withdrawal – Maximum $20
Validity Days – Limited Time

Aron Groups Black Friday Bonus Terms

  • By participating in the above offer, your Black Friday Bonus account will be funded 30 U.S Dollars on the first Friday of that week, without requiring any initial deposit.
  • To use this offer, trader shall pass the authentication process after registration.
  • This offer includes those traders who register from Saturday to Thursday. After submitting a ticket, their Black Friday Bonus account will be funded 30 U.S Dollars on the Friday of that week.
  • To acquire their bonus, qualified traders shall go to support section in their user panel, create a ticket and change request type to β€œSupport” and request a Black Friday Bonus account. Please note that this request must be made between 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Friday.
  • Traders are allowed to trade all symbols with 1:500 leverage.
  • After 30 days, if the account’s balance is above the initial amount, it can be withdrawn through sending a ticket. (For example if the procedure is finished in 5 days, the trader isn’t able to withdraw until the end of the offer)
  • The profit withdrawal limit is 20 U.S Dollars in this offer.
  • Traders are allowed to request withdrawal a maximum of 3 days after the deadline.
  • Black Friday Bonus account is active for 30 days after it had been funded by the broker. This account gets deactivated after this time period.
  • In case of any violation, Aron Groups Broker reserves the right to suspend the violators and treat them according to the regulations.


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