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Best FX Broke In Asia – GemForex

GEMFOREX goes international for the first time. Easy to use Hong Kong FX broker for FX beginners anywhere.

Link – Open An Account In 30 Seconds

The operating company of GEMFOREX will be GEM GROUP NZ LIMITED in New Zealand.

We acquired a financial license (FSP 564306) from the New Zealand Financial Services Provider (NZFSP), and have developed services mainly in the English-speaking countries, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea.

Initially, it was established in 2010 by the Japanese as GemTrade, and started from offering of free Forex automatic trading software (EA) service (GemTrade), then after that, started Mirror trade service (Gem de Mirror trade), and in operating the two services, it has always been a bridge between traders and various forex companies. Among them, GEMFOREX has been released as GEM GROUP NZ LIMITED in order to launch the ideal Forex company that we envision.


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