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Bring a friend program – Robooption


Bring your friend to RoboOption and receive the bonus up to 100 USD.

RoboOption offers its clients a unique opportunity to receive the bonus to their trading accounts without depositing them.

To do that, you have to fulfill the following two conditions:

  1. Tell your friends about RoboOption and recommend them to open a trading account.

    The Company offers favorable trading conditions and several special programs, such as “Deposit Bonus” and “Rebates”.

  2. Contact your account-manager after the friend you attracted becomes a full client of the Company.

    After that, you will receive the bonus, which can be used in trading without any restrictions.


  • To receive the bonus for the client you attracted, you have to be registered at RoboOption.
  • The client registered as a partner can’t participate in the program.
  • The client won’t be considered as attracted in case he is included into the partner group of one of the Company’s partners.
  • So that you could receive the bonus for the friend you brought, the friend has to open a trading account at RoboOption, pass the complete verification, and make a deposit from 250 USD.
  • When contacting your account-manager, you have to specify the E-mail of the client you attracted.
  • Bonus funds can be withdrawn from the account only after you make a trading volume, which is 50 times more than the sum of the bonus you received. More detailed requirements for the number of transaction to be made can be found on “Deposit Bonus” page of our website.
  • Bonus for the client may be declined without giving any reasons, in case when processing the bonus application the account-manager questions the trading history of earlier attracted clients.


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