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Review for CFD Global

Cfdglobal.com is a worldwide brand that trades Contracts for Differences (CFDs) and offers investors over 2.000 financial instruments from 6 different asset classes.

Regulated by the Cyprus Securities Commission, it’s a licensed brokerage solution provider that strives to improve the trading experience for its users. It accomplishes its goal by combining a customer-centric-approach with top-notch technology and the intuitive trading experience offered by the online platforms.

We’ve discovered that cfdglobal.com doesn’t only care about upgrading the features and instruments available on MetaTrader 5 and WebTrader, but that it also makes an effort in educating its audience.

Here are the best things about the services offered by cfdglobal.com


Promotes a safe trading environment sustained by a high security level and legislation

Operating under Key Way Investments Ltd, license no. 292/16, it conducts its business through cfdglobal.com website, which is available on desktop and mobile apps as well.

The security of the accounts is a top priority for the brand and therefore, it ensures the safety of the investors’ deposits, their transactions, and withdrawals.

All the brand’s clients can rest assured that their identity is fully protected, besides the executed payments.


Lists a broad variety of tradable financial instruments from multiple asset classes

  • Shares and Bonds from over 200 companies – if you’d like to trade in this market, you have a wide variety of stocks to choose from
  • Forex gives over 55 currency pairs – either you’re interested in the USD/JPY, the AUD/EUR or anything relating to foreign exchange, then this is the place for you
  • Indices are for both trading and measurements – they can be traded or used as instruments that reveal the flow of the market and the path towards a good or bad business decision


Educates through online videos, webinars, tutorials, and news

Cfdglobal.com works like a library for its investors. The brand constantly adds more information, creates videos and holds webinars.

The tools available on the platforms, such as Daily News or Trading Central provide valuable market information and keep users updated on a daily basis.

In addition, investors will receive emails, notifications, and SMS about their transactions, favorite financial instruments or the changing of an asset’s status.


Grants entry on multi-performant online trading platforms

MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

Screenshot MT5

MT5 is designed to suit the needs of novice and experienced traders. Basically, it has a broad range of instruments and tools, that can be customized according to the investor’s preferences.

As a plus, MT5 comes with an intuitive trading experience that supports especially the beginners.

Regarding the latest market news, they are a bonus for traders of any level and facilitate the making of a decision by getting a clear view of the market’s trend, either it’s predicting a rise or a downfall.

MT5 also comes with a user-friendly interface and a layout that can be customized at any moment, to create a feeling of familiarity and to aid clients trade more easily.

Stop/limit orders are a great instrument that allows traders to limit their losses or to follow the instrument’s trade. Competitive spreads, zero commissions, and one-click executions make MetaTrader 5 a trustworthy platform for any trader.



Image with WebTrader – platform screenshot

As a web-based online platform, it grants access to the user’s account through a simple internet connection. It doesn’t require any installation, either on desktop or mobile.


More than 90 indicators are available and will better the trading experience, besides adding a plus to any transaction.

Designed by experts in the field with built-in-rates, WebTrader makes the differences between having to choose between a couple of features and a multitude of options.

Trading Cubes are a very useful tool that reveals the spreads, the price, the evolution and the trend of an instrument, all while providing a complete view of multiple instruments at once.

The popular tab is among the most appreciated features brought by WebTrader due to revealing your trading history and the follow-up of your transactions.

What are the differences between WebTrader and MetaTrader 5?

  • WebTrader offers access to approximately 2.100 instruments, while MT5 to about 400
  • MT5 has a friendlier interface, but WebTrader differentiates by addressing an audience that is already familiar with the market
  • WebTrader has tighter spreads, but MT5 gives the possibility of creating personalized indices
  • On MT5 you can access information from Trading Central, which means that you’ll receive besides news updates, also analysts’ opinions regarding stocks, bonds, forex etc
  • WebTrader allows users to create a single Demo and Live account, and in a single currency, while on MT5 you are free to create multiple accounts and in different currencies MT5


Allows multiple payment options

Cfdglobal.com doesn’t request any fees or commissions, regardless of the transaction

By not limiting the amount per transaction, investors have the option to trade as much as they desire, without having to pay higher costs.

Local payment options, such as iDeal or Fastbank are available, as well as E-wallets like Skrill and Neteller.

Credit and debit cards as Visa, Maestro or Mastercard will also be accepted.


Constantly improves its customer support services

Multiple side by side images with live-chat/infobox etc – smth to show that we are offering the full customer support package

  • The customer support centre functions 24/5 and offers investors the possibility to contact a specialist whenever the need arises. Plus, it operates in 25 languages, so it covers the majority of the languages.
  • The live-chat option together with the infobox is an easy to use feature that can offer a fast response in only a couple of seconds
  • In addition, an account manager will contact a client as soon as the client opens an account, to let him know of the requests, regulations, and tools available on the platforms
  • A toll-free telephone number completes the full support package offered by cfdgobal.com

The conclusion we’ve drawn at the end of our CFD Global review is that the brand is among the few brokerage solution providers that actually cares about the well-being of its investors.

By taking an interest in educating clients, by constantly adding new financial instruments to the list, by incorporating new features and tools, the brand convinced us that it’s trustworthy, secure, and most of all, transparent regarding the business it conducts.

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