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Climax Prime Broker Cashback

Climax Prime Broker Cashback – In this plan, you will get a reward in your account for each lot of trades that you make, which will help you to minimize your spread and commission expenses. Your trades must meet the Total Monthly minimum requirement volume in order for your account to qualify for Cashback.

Climax Prime Broker Cashback
Web Link – Cashback Program
Withdrawal – Yes
Validity Days – Limited Time

Climax Prime Broker Cashback Terms

Account TypesInstrumentsVolume per monthCashback
CENT– Currency Pairs
– Gold
– Silver
5 to 300 lots$1 per lot
STANDARD– Currency Pairs
– Gold
– Silver
300 lots and more$2 per lot
ECN– Currency Pairs
– Gold
– Silver
30 lots and more$0.5 per lot

To be included in theΒ CashbackΒ receiving list, just send a message to support through the communication channels or submit a ticket via the user panel.

Terms and Conditions

  • Each lot in aΒ Cent accountΒ is equivalent toΒ 0.01Β standard lot.
  • CashbackΒ is given on currency pairings, gold, and silver transactions and not on other trading instruments such as oil or indices.
  • CashbackΒ is not applicable to transactions that are completed in less than one minute.
  • The client’s account must not have been created through IB or the referral link.
  • Payments are made on a monthly basis.
  • If a customer trades less than the necessary Minimum monthly volume,Β CashbackΒ will not be applied to his/her transactions,
  • and the volume of trades will not be carried over to the next month. Instead, the trading volume will be recalculated at the start of the new month.
  • Climax PrimeΒ has the right ,without prior notice, to modify the terms and conditions ofΒ CashbackΒ payments.


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