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Cosmic Promo Amazing Prize – Binomo

Link – cosmic promotion

Today is a significant day! The first space flight was made exactly 56 years ago. This gave a tremendous impetus to technology development.

The Binomo platform is very close to becoming the most advanced and high-tech trading platform in the world.
Therefore, today we are launching a new campaign for our subscribers only! Do not look for details on the website or social media. There are none.
All the information is only in this letter!

that fire your imagination:
3 winners get
virtual reality
6 winners get a
bonus + $100
to the account
6 winners get
12 free
deals for $5
What should I do:
Fund your account for ANY amount on April 12–14
Create a support request with any text by selecting COSMIC PROMO.

Winners will be determined on April 17 by random number generator. We will provide the IDs and the drawing video link on the same day.


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