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DiscoveryFx $250 Forex No Deposit Bonus

The $250 bonus will be immediately reflected without deposit required. You can immediately start trading with the bonus. As profits will be withdrawable, you can trade without cost. There is a few traders who gained $2,500 out of the $250 bonus, this campaign could be a good free opportunity to gain $2,500! Let’s try Discovery FX’s trading account now.

Web Link – $250 No Deposit Bonus

  • The bonus is valid for 30 days (including holidays) from the date of grant. After the expiration date, the bonus will disappear.
  • The bonus will be removed as soon as you made additional deposit. Therefore, we would recommend you add deposit when the β€˜deposit bonus campaign’ will start.
  • Please settle transactions of 10 lots or more during the campaign period. Profits cannot be withdrawn if transactions of 10 lots or more is not settled.
  • The symbols that are counted as the settled lots do not include symbols belonging to the CFD1000, CFD250, and Crypto Securities. However, any profit and loss arise from symbols in the CFD1000, CFD250, and Crypto Securities will be included in the campaign balance.
  • Cross transactions with other accounts by the same person are prohibited. Other accounts include other accounts opened at Discovery and accounts opened at other brokers. If a breach of the rules is found, the account may be frozen.


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