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EXNESS "Golden Dozen" Bonus Program


In response to traders’ requests, we are again offering our clients the “Golden Dozen” bonus program.

The main advantage of this program is that, first of all, the size of the bonus is tied to the price of gold. And secondly, the bonus grows as the trading volume on your account increases.

Important! Updates to bonus size occur within 4 hours of the last transaction or deposit/withdrawal of funds. Only closed positions are considered when calculating the cumulative trading volume.

Example of calculating the bonus:

The cumulative trading volume for closed positions per side (in one direction) on an account is 450,000 EUR. Rate of EUR/USD=1.25000.

Net Deposit is 100 USD, which is equal to 0.1 thousand USD.

To calculate the bonus that corresponds to these conditions:

  • Convert the trading volume to USD: 450,000 EUR = 450,000 x 1.25000 = 562,500 USD = 0.5625 mln USD.
  • Find the ratio of the trading volume to the value of the Net Deposit: 0.5625 / 0.100 = 5.625.
  • Compare the trading volume with the table and determine the size of the bonus: 3.0 < 5.625 < 6.0, therefore, the bonus amounts to 6.0 grams of gold for each 1,000 USD of Net Deposit.
  • In the above example Net Deposit is 100 USD, so the bonus equals to 6.0 х 0.1 = 0.6 grams of gold.
  • Find the bonus size in USD: Suppose the current spot price XAUUSD is 1400.000, therefore, the bonus in monetary equivalent amounts to 0.6 x (1400.000 / 31.1) = 27.01 USD.


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