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Fidelis Capital Markets Forex VPS Hosting

Fidelis Capital Markets Forex VPS

Fidelis Capital Markets Forex VPS solution for your MT4 platform at 20% discount. Fidelis CM offers 99.9% uptime and 24/7 customer support so that your trading never stops.

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Fidelis Capital Markets Forex VPS Advantage

  • 20% discount for all traders on all packages
  • Quick and easy setup with 24Γ—7 live chat and email support
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Superior services, near-zero time lag with VPS servers located adjacent to Fidelis CM

How To Get The VPS Hosting

Meet the following trading criteria in your trading account and Fidelis will credit your account with the monthly VPS hosting cost.

Package: A minimum of 20 Lots of FX volume must be traded in a month to be eligible for the monthly fee to be credited into your trading account.

Fidelis is not responsible for the functionality of your VPS. We teamed up with Tradercolo VPS due to their proximity to our servers in order to avoid any delays. All technical questions about your VPS should be directed to the respective VPS providers.

Forex VPS Hosting

In understanding the increase in demand and popularity for VPS hosting, Fidelis partnered with Traders Colo; the Fidelis Edition VPS provides all its clients, from traders to institutions, a direct market access to all currency markets.

This server side solution includes VMWare clusters with a total of 2 terabyte (TB) usable memory on Dell Enterprise server equipment. The Virtual Machines are stored on our 100 terabyte iSCSI storage pool running on a low latency Cisco infrastructure in the data center, benefiting Active and Algorithmic (EA) traders.


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