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GWFX $100 Free Bonus On $100 Deposit

GWFX Global is one of the leading and fastest growing brands in the online trading industry. With a strong team of market professionals and an executive management team with many years of experience in the financial industry, GWFX Global is committed to providing clients with a fair and transparent online trading experience.

Web Link – $100 Free Bonus On $100 Deposit

  • During the promotion, each customer(ID) shall get $100 bonus only once. Rewards of other promotions shall be in accordance with their own policies.

  • Regarding promotions shall only for trading accounts on

  • Total calculated lots on GWFX Global shall be closed ones by within 60 days.

  • The bonus will be likely to offset insufficient funds, make up the deposit or any balance due. GWFX Global is entitled to end trading or disqualify customer from entering the promotion if one is found to trade against the platform policy.

  • The company reserves the right to revise or update regarding the policy.

  • GWFX Global is not responsible for any communicative or technical problems, breakdown, accident or any reason regarding computers and network, that result in delayed data, data missing, data errors, or unrecognizable data. Above activity records are subject to the system data.

  • All employees of GWFX Global and its subsidiary are forbidden to enter any promotions.

  • GWFX Global holds the final explanation right of this policy and rights of revising or ending the promotion without prior notice.


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