HankoTrade 100% Welcome Deposit Bonus

100% Bonus One of Hankotrade’s most prominent promotional offers is the Matching Deposit Bonus that can be claimed when you open an account with Hankotrade.

Web Link – 100% Deposit Bonus

  • The matching bonus is available with a minimum deposit of $100.
  • Clients can claim a max deposit bonus of up to $25K. This can be be claimed along with a single $25K+ deposit or a fraction of deposits leading up to $25K.
  • Bonus can also be withdrawn provided client trades a specified volume. The formula used to determine the volume is; Bonus Sum/2 = Number of Lots Required to Withdraw Bonus. Standard lots of Indices, Precious Metals and Crude lots are counted as 0.1 Lot.
  • Bonus will be automatically removed by the system if the client loses his/her equity.
  • The maximum available leverage along with a bonus is 200x.

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