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Hirose Finance 50% Mega Deposit Bonus

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Hirose has established a reputation for excellence as a multi platform provider, technological innovator and in its provision of customer service. First-Trader – Best Binary Options Broker for Beginners & New Traders.

Web Link – 50% Mega Deposit Bonus (Indonesia)

Web Link – 50% Deposit Bonus

MEGA Terms and Conditions 50% Bonus

  1. This promo is valid from 1 November ~ 30 November 2018.
  2. DEPOSIT BONUS will be given only for deposits made to the Binary Options account during the promo . The maximum bonus given per client is 1000 (USD, GBP). Deposit above 2000USD will be given a 1000USD bonus. (Funds transfer / Fund Transfer from other trading accounts to the Binary Options account will not be counted).
  3. Bonuses will be given if you make a minimum deposit of 50 (USD, GBP) during the promo period. A 50% deposit bonus will not be given if you withdraw funds from a Binary Options account before the bonus is credited.
  4. To get a 50% bonus during the period you need to:

    A. Create a Hirose Binary Options live account.

    B. List of 50% Mega Bonus promos.

    C. Make a deposit to the Binary Options account.

    D. After registering and depositing 50 USD bonus will be credited to the Binary Options account on the next business day or the next 2 business days.

  5. If you want to withdraw before fulfilling the transaction conditions, read point no. 9 in the MEGA Terms and Conditions 50% Bonus in full
  6. Hirose has the right to do a bonus bonus if you have not met the withdrawal bonus requirements listed above for 2 months calculated from the month you made the deposit.


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