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MAYZUS Forex Demo Scalping Wars

Link – Scalping Ware

Contest Prizes –

  1. $500 BONUS
  2. $300 BONUS
  3. $200 BONUS
  4. $100 BONUS
  5. $50 BONUS

Demo Scalping Wars!

Try and test our fabulous new promotion, MAYZUS’ Forex Demo Scalping Wars!

We’ve put together this special competition based on what excites and drives our traders, it’s fast, it’s furious, it’s an adrenaline pumping race against the clock to see who will win the ultimate MAYZUS Scalper title!

If your strategy is fast-paced, you look for small movements in the market and place anywhere from 10 to hundreds of trades daily (following a strict exit strategy) this competition is for you!

Our Forex Demo Scalping War week is 5 calendar days, from Monday 00:00:01, until Friday 23:59:59, every week.

The weekly winners are the five Participants of the Forex Demo Scalping War who have the largest profit size (profit is considered to be the amount that exceeds the initial deposit) on their Demo Scalping War accounts on Friday 23:59:59 GMT+3 each week during the period of the Forex Demo Scalping War, trading at least 1 lot to be eligible for our prizes.


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