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OctaFX SuperCharged 2 Real Contest

The participants win if they take first place at the end of a round in at least one of three categories: Gain, Profit Factor, or Traded Volume. The participants who performed best across all three categories throughout the year win the main prizes. You`ve got a chance to win, whenever you start trading in the contest!

Link – SuperCharged 2 Real Contest

Link – 50% Deposit Bonus

Link – OctaFX Weekly Demo Contest

Contest duration: 12 months

Start date: 1 October 2018

End date: 30 September 2019

Round duration: 1 month

Number of rounds: 12 rounds

The contest name is ‘OctaFX Supercharged 2’ or ‘Supercharged 2’. It is run by Octa Markets Incorporated.

Registration for the Contest is closed 7 days prior to the Contest end date.

Requirements for participation

Only persons of legal age (18+) can take part in the Contest.

A person (hereinafter—‘Participant’) must have an OctaFX real account to take part in the Contest.

The Participant needs to check in a new or existing real account for participation in the Contest.

The Participant needs to have at least 50 USD (or its equivalent in EUR) in his or her account (bonus funds not included) or deposit this amount into the account (this money is fully withdrawable), as well as open at least one trade in order to participate in the running round and the Contest’s overall ranking.

The real account that complies with the requirements (hereinafter—‘Contest Account’) is deemed to be participating in the Contest and is being rated from the moment it is checked in for the Contest (starting from the running round).

Once checked in, the Participant does not need to repeat this procedure for future rounds of the Contest.

The Contest Account participates in subsequent rounds if its Personal Funds (Equity excluding bonuses) are at least 50 USD (or its equivalent in EUR) (bonus funds not included) the moment such subsequent round starts.


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