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Phemex $2000 Crypto Trading Bonus

Phemex $2000 Crypto Trading Bonus. For a limited time, all BTC deposits into a BTC trading account will be rewarded with a generous trading bonus of up to $2000. Phemex stable and reliable advanced features and risk management tools enable users to maximize the possibility of profits based on market movements.

Phemex Crypto Trading Bonus
Web Link – $2000 Deposit Giveaway
Withdrawal – General Terms
Validity Days – 09.06.2021

Phemex Crypto Trading Bonus Terms

  • Activity timespan: Deposit and transfer (5/11-5/25), Bonus calculation (5/26-6/8), Bonus distribution (6/9)
  • Net Deposit = Total Valid Deposits – Total Withdrawals made during the promotional period.
  • During the event period (5/11 – 6/9) withdrawing any funds prior to this will reduce the bonus received.
  • Deposits must be transferred into yourΒ BTC Trade Account.Β Once there, you can freely trade with these funds.
  • During the event onlyΒ new depositsΒ made within this promotional period will be counted.
  • Transferring pre-existing funds from your spot wallet to your BTC trading account will not count.
  • This activity is strictly forΒ BTC deposits only.Β Other cryptocurrency deposits will not be counted.
  • Rewards will be distributed as BTC Trading Bonuses. Please refer to our Bonus Terms and Conditions.Β 
  • Phemex Bonus Terms and ConditionsΒ for more details.


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