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Promax $50 Welcome No Deposit Bonus

Welcome Bonus $50 Free Welcome Bonus by Promax. There is no better way to check our services and test the trading strategy of your choice. You will get Welcome Bonus of amount $50 on your account automatically.

Web Link – $50 Welcome Bonus

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Terms & Conditions

  1. For $50 Welcome Bonus, you are required to Register the account
  2. To avail the $50 Welcome Bonus, you must apply for $50 Welcome Bonus from your Member Login
  3. Welcome Bonus will be credited to your trading account
  4. This Welcome Bonus is in the ownership of the Company and is not cash-able
  5. Products offered for trading in Welcome Bonus are restricted to FX currencies
  6. Client can only place the trading volume of 0.01 in a single trade
  7. The profit can be withdrawn at any time, as long as the equity is at least $50
  8. If the equity is less than $50, withdrawal will be rejected
  9. Maximum Profit, which can be withdrawn, is equal to $100
  10. The required number of active trading days is 30 (active trading day is a day when the welcome bonus was given in the trading account)
  11. The maximum number of positions opened at the same time is 5
  12. Withdrawing the Profit, Welcome Bonus and all remaining profit shall be taken out from the account


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