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RedstoneFX $88 Forex No Deposit Bonus

RedstoneFX No Deposit Bonus. Redstone Markets Limited is an international business company based in St. Petersburg. Vincent and the Grenadines as a brokerage company that provides clients with trading access to Forex, Metals, Energy & Indices instruments.

RedstoneFX No Deposit Bonus
Web Link – $88 Forex No Deposit Bonus
Withdrawal : 30 Lots Trade
Validity Date : 30Β Days

RedstoneFX No Deposit Bonus Terms

  • The default leverage is 200 times, it is not possible to deposit, modify the leverage, and calculate the commission
  • The validity period is 30 days, and the account will be automatically frozen after expiration
  • Only one experience gold account is allowed to apply for and trade under the same IP
  • The order holding time needs to meet 10 minutes
  • Customers need to trade independently, orders generated by EA will not be counted as active hands
  • Index orders are not included in the active lot

Other Instructions​

  • Malicious arbitrage of bonuses such as the same account or cross-account hedging is prohibited​.
  • After completion, you can transfer to normal account transactions or withdraw funds, experience the account and freeze it​.
  • In order to prevent malicious arbitrage, RedstoneFx reserves the right to stop or modify the rules of the activity at any time​.
  • If false, wrong, or other misleading identity information is used to register for the experience fee, the activity will be cancelled immediately​.


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