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SuperForex 50% Welcome Bonus Offer

SuperForex always tries to offer the best offers exclusively to our customers in order to make your trading as comfortable and profitable as possible. For an unlimited period all of our new clients have the chance to receive our Welcome+ Bonus on each initial deposit. This aims to enable customers to trade with a bigger volume, thus helping traders earn more from deals.

Web Link – 40% Welcome Bonus

Welcome+ Bonus gives you 40% extra funds on your deposit. However, our β€œplus” addition to the bonus adds a dynamic dimension whereby you can get 45% on your second deposit and 50% on the third one, if the following criteria are met:

  • Deposit 1: +40% funds guaranteed;
  • Deposit 2: +45% only if your second deposit is $500 or more;
  • Deposit 3: +50% only if your third deposit is $1000 or more and if your second deposit was $500 or more.

This means that through your first, second, and third deposit you can get up to 50% extra funds thanks to the Welcome+ Bonus. After the third replenishment, each consecutive deposit will only be awarded 40% extra funds.


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