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Tickmill NFP Contest & Win $500

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Tickmill offers to the all clients- $500 NFP Machine Free Bonus Campaign to your trading account. The $500 NFP Campaign takes place on the Company official Facebook page during the first week of every month.

Link – $500 Tickmill’s NFP Machine

Link – $30 Free Welcome Bonus

Forex traders are a risky bunch. Nothing tickles our senses more than events like NFP – a monthly US labour report that sends the major instruments into complete turmoil.

Think you know where the wind will blow this time? Then put your trader’s intuition to a test with Tickmill’s one-of-a-kind NFP Machine campaign and win big!

The rules are simpler than ever. During every NFP week, we will choose one instrument and challenge you to guess its price in our MT4 platform at 16:00, exactly 30 minutes after the NFP release. A perfect hit will bring you as much as $500 to your trading account. If no one breaks the bank by an exact figure, the trader with the closest prediction will cash in a $200 prize.

The whole action will take place on our Facebook page. Just place your prediction alongside your Tickmill’s trading account number as a comment to the respective NFP Machine post from Monday 0:00 till Friday 15:00 on the NFP week and leave the rest to us.


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