TNFX Ramadan Competition

TNFX Ramadan Competition – On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, TNFX are pleased to offer you a distinct trading experience leading to professional practice in the trading world where our traders are the first pioneers. Suited to the high skills and professionalism of TNFX traders, it represents a great opportunity to practice competitive trading and enjoy an enthusiastic social experience with your fellow traders, involving valuable financial prizes, and together we look forward to the competition witnessing intimate competition.

TNFX Ramadan Competition
Web Link – Ramadan Competition
Withdrawal – Yes
Validity Days – April 13, 2021 to 12 May 2021

TNFX Ramadan Competition Terms

  • The deposit amount in the competition is $300.
  • The participant in the TNFX Ramadan Competition is not entitled to deposit amounts more than the minimum allowed, as the criterion for winning is the size of the profits and not the relative return.
  • The account used in the contest is exclusively standard account.
  • Accounts participating in the competition whose deposit is below the competition’s minimum of $300 are automatically excluded without prior notification.
  • Leverage must be 1:200 for all participants, and those who change it less are automatically excluded from the competition.
  • Accounts participating in the competition do not enjoy bonus offers.
  • The company has the right to exclude participants who engage in any conduct involving fraud, fraud or improper trading behaviors if they are actually found to have done so without notice.
  • The Company reserves the right to amend, update or cancel these competition rules at its own discretion with prior notice of changes to the terms of the competition.
  • The participant has the right to open more than one account to participate in the competition.
  • The results of the trades will not appear on the site dedicated to displaying the results of the competition unless you make actual trades in the trading account.
  • You can also join the TNFX Ramadan Competition through an identified agent after following the link to refer the designated agent to participate in the competition, open an additional account with the same original account information, and then follow the steps referred to above.

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