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Vomma Contest – Prize $ 5000

Link – Vomma Contest

Contest terms

  1. Contest organiser is Vomma Trading.
  2. The contest lasts for a week from October 5th until October 9th according company’s server time.
  3. Registration for the contest is continued until the end of the contest.
  4. Only new trading accounts of any types (ECN, Classic, Swap-free) are accepted to participate in the contest. If you have an account, you must open a new one to participate in the contest.
  5. Contest account can not participate in other promotions of the company
  6. To participate in the contest you should:
  7. During the contest period are allowed:
    • Opening of a new account in order to increase the chances of winning;
    • Funding of the account;
    • Trading using expert advisors or signals;
  8. Any trading operations are prohibited before start of the contest. You must close all opened positions at the end of the contest .
  9. Before the end of the contest any withdrawals or transfers of funds are prohibited in order to increase the chances of winning.
  10. Definition of winners and publication of the results:
    • In order to win participant must show the highest gain (in percent);
    • Close at least 10 trades;
    • Show account gain of at least 10%;
  11. The prize pool and winners award:
    • Contest prize pool is $ 5000;
    • 10 prize places;
    • The prize pool is distributed as follows:
        1st place: $3000;
        2nd place: $1000;
        3rd place: $650;
        4th – 10th place: $50;
  12. Prize funds are fully available for trading but could not be withdrawn.
  13. Contest organizers reserves the right to suspend the contest, modify the contest terms. Exclude the participant in case of suspicion of fraud, as well as to withdraw the prize funds to award another participant.


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